Easter Art Exhibition, Féile Ealaíne na Cásca, Dingle Peninsula

Over a 100 pieces of Art exhibit for Easter Weekend on the Dingle Peninsula

It s easter week end and there is loads on the Dingle Peninsula!

One event to be highlighted is the Easter Exhibition opening on Sunday 16th April 2017, the show is on until Friday 21st April

Why is it such a great event? You will be able to see there over a 100 pieces of art work from only local artists based on the Dingle peninsula, no matter their ages or stage in their career. It s an immense opportunity for any creatives, who live in this so inspiring part of the world, to show their work and sale it.

Many of the local artists will attend the event, so as you discover their work you can also meet them.

To get to the exhibition you will have to cross half of the peninsula to get there and enjoy the amazing view of mont Brandon, Ceann Sibéal I really advice to take a full scenic drive of the peninsula and make a stop to see the art as you pass Ballyferriter Village.

dingle peninsula
dingle peninsula

Another reason for us to celebrate this event is that some of LetGofYourColours Abstract oil painting workshop participants have their work exhibit at the show this year! We will be at the opening on sunday and hope to see you there!


A colourful online platform for artists

What a really fun colourful and very accessible playground for artists

LetGofYourColours has recently joined Society6 and made some designs from Stephanie Gonzalez at work available on their online platform.

It s a really fun thing, you upload an image of your work and you can see how it can be adapted to different products such as Tote Bag, Colourful leggings.

Artists can upload their designs safely and stay in control of their art works as it doesn’t affect their rights infringement and they get a small commission for every sell made.

Thousand of designs are available, I find it a bit confusing on how to make a selection for a particular product, on the other hand it makes it quite a unique gift as every product is only made on demand.

You can also simply acquire an art prints in which case the artist can decide on the pricing of the product based on the starting price of the platform.

What I am really loving about it is that it gives you the possibility to colour your world and choose the colours you want to wear .

Check out LetGofYourColour shop and tell us what you think by leaving a comment.

BE Colourful x



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Some Colours I recently Painted Inspiration Irish sea shore

Some Colours I recently Painted Inspiration Irish sea shore



Irish Weather, Prints and original available here
Kerry Evening, Print and Original available here
Mystic Goat Prints an original available here


Take a look at the online painting  Gallery

Green Heart Fusion Prints and Original available here

LetGo Autumn Exhibition Opening

The opening last night was all you can expect from an Irish autumn evening. It was rainy windy stormy, then  it was all over.

This painting which is simply named Irish Weather was a perfect feature for it. Just take a look for yourself.


They made it being special, Siobhan Taner was here with Marcus for a music poetry slam session.


Here are some of the amazing works that were created during the workshop


Prints of Artist Stephanie Gonzalez work available here

We are putting up an exhibition In Dingle! Do you want to take part of the opening event?

Our group exhibition is taken place the 11-12-13 Nov. Are you interested in participating to the opening event?

The workshop in Dingle is coming to an end for this season and we are thrilled to announce that to celebrate the amazing creative time that took place, we are having an exhibition at the Diseart this 11-12-13 of November.

We will be showing pieces of work being made during the workshop from participants and some of my paintings that have inspired the LetgofYourColours and its creative art space.

-To Dingle Area based Artists- Would you like to be part of the opening event night? Get in Touch here or email and let us know how you would like to participate.

You can take a look at the workshop theme with been working on the last weeks, see how you feel inspired.

LetGofYourColours Autumn Exhibition

Night Garden in Ballygaw
Night Garden in Ballygaw, OIl on Canvas, Stephanie gonzalez

Abstract painting classes in Dingle news

What we have been up to at the workshop!

Recently  LetGofYourColours An Abstract oil painting workshop for All Inspired souls Painting classes started in Dingle!

We are having a really great time here, the worshop continue on for another few week before I am traveling to India 🙂

Added to the adult classse at 7.00pm at the Díseart, a classe for the younger has been added from 5.45 to 6.45pm, that’s every monday in October 2016.

As much as I am delighted everyone is enjoying themselves, I am also amazed by how much commitement and constance the participants are showing and the result talks for itself, the Art work that is emerging from the workshop is striking! Most of us who are attending the workshop since the beginning is working on a second painting by now. Some are starting this evening, drop in at 7.00pm on mondays if you wish to join us.

I feel it to be a great success as we are all having so much fun together while each person is let totally free to express themselves artistically in their own individual style.

An exhibition is being talked about for those who wish to show there art pieces while I will be showing my own work.

I am so much looking forward to be showing you the amazing Art work that is being produced here!




Scaoil led Dhathanna

Faígh amach an cumhacht a bhaineann leat féin a chur in iúl le péintéireacht in íle, bunaithe ar theicnící ghur bhain furmhór de phéintéirí iar impriseánaí úsáid astu.

Tá teacht ag níos mó daoine ar phéintéireacht íle, iad siúd go bhfuil suim acu ann. Spás teibí atá sa cheardlann Scaoil led Dhathanna áit gur féidir leat ligint dod mhothúchain inmheánacha tú a threorú mar gheall ar dhathanna, cruthanna agus gluaiseachtaí, ionas píosa ealaíne a chruthú laistigh de chúpla rang.

Tá na ranganna oscailte do gach duine, pé acu an dteastaíonn uait tabhairt fé phéintéireacht íle nó go bhfuil cur chuige nua ag teastáil uait a bhfuil gné theibí le fáil ann, nó díreach go dteastaíonn uait tabhairt fé rud éigin nua, tá fáilte romhat ag na ranganna.

Spás atá anso do chleachtadh agus taitneamh a bhaint as tréimhse cruthaitheach.

Scaoil led Dhathanna, ceardlann péintéireachta le Stephanie Gonzalez

the fascinating colour chart of Auguste Herbin

The Plastic Alphabet of Auguste Herbin

Auguste Herbin develops his -alphabet plastique- in 1946, a coding system in which colours are connected to letters, shapes and sounds.


The Plastic Alphabet

(Table of relationships between the complete alphabet, color, form and summarily notes of music, placing pink at the highest point, relating to the letter A.)

A: Pink. Resulting from the action of four eternal forces, pink is accompanied by a form resulting from the combination of spherical triangular, hemispherical, and quadrangular forms. Musical correlation: do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si.

B: Crimson Red; combination of spherical and quadrangular forms; sonority of do, si.

C: Dark Red; combination of spherical and quadrangular forms, sonority of do, sol.

D: Light Red; spherical form; sonority of do, re.

E: Red; spherical form; sonority of do.

F: Red Orange; combination of spherical and triangular forms; sonority of re, do.

G: Deep Orange; spherical and triangular forms combined sonority of re, do, sol.

H: Yellow Orange; combination of spherical and triangular forms; sonority of re, mi.

I: Orange: combination of spherical and triangular forms; sonority of re

J: Deep Yellow; combinations of triangular and spherical forms; sonority of mi, re, do

K: Medium Yellow; combination of triangular and spherical forms; sonority of mi, re.

L: Lemon yellow: triangular form; sonority of mi

M: Barium Yellow; triangular form; sonority of mi

N: White; accompanied by all the forms; sonority of do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si

O: Green; combination of triangular and hemispherical forms; sonority of fa.

P: Light Green; combination of triangular and hemispherical forms; sonority of fa, mi.

Q: Deep Blue-Green; combination of triangular and hemispherical forms; sonority of fa, sol.

R: Light Blue; combination of hemispherical and triangular forms; sonority of sol, fa, mi.

S: Deep Green-blue; combination of hemispherical and triangular forms; sonority of la, sol, fa.

T: Deep Blue-violet; combination of hemispherical and quadrangular forms; sonority of la, sol, si.

U: Blue; hemispherical forms; sonority of sol, la.

V: Black; accompanied by all forms; sonority of do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si.

W: Blue Violet; combination of quadrangular and hemispherical forms; sonority of si, la.

X: Red Violet; combination of quadrangular and spherical forms, sonority of si, do.

Y: Violet; quadrangular form; sonority of si.

Z: Deep Violet; combination of quadrangular, spherical and hemispherical forms, sonority of si, do, la.

Translated from french


Auguste Herbin, Orphée, 1957

You can consult Herbin’s online collection from the Musée Matisse in Le Cateau Cambresis, France here:


An Abstract oil painting workshop for All Inspired souls

This is a space for practice, relax, enjoy and share a creative moment

Let Go Of Your Colours

Discover the power of expressing yourself with oil painting based on techniques used by post impressionist painters.

Oil painting has become available to most people who want to explore it.

Let go of your color is an abstract painting space where you can simply be guided by your inner feeling about colors, shapes and movements to create a piece of art work within a few classes.

The Classes are open to everyone, either you wish to give it a go with oil painting or need to approach art with a more abstract aspect, or you just feel like trying something different, you are welcome to the classes.

This is a space for practice, relax, enjoy and share a creative moment.

Let Go Of Your Colors, a painting workshop by Stephanie Gonzalez