Gold – Glitter Collection exhibition in Dingle by Stephia Gonzalez

The sparkle that lives in everyone of us


The Glitter – Gold collection exhibition in Dingle at Bácús café is featuring Stephia Gonzalez work, a Dingle peninsula based artist.

“The Gold – Glitter collection is to me showing the precious in you, what s left when you ve got nothing but this incredible will to live your own truth. I ve used metallic and glitter media symbolizing gold with my oil paintings as a way to represent in my work the sparkle that lives in everyone of us , sure the happiness that you will certainly never buy, but really the emphasis is about this incredible drive, the deep down ressources that we can reach in when we need it. Like a beautiful secret garden you have kept untouched that grows all the beauty you need to get through this life experience. Most precious of all jewel that live inside of you.”

The exhibition is on for 2 months August – September 2017 @ Bácús Café in Dingle Town, Co Kerry, Ireland

exhibition poster bacus 2017 stephia web



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