A colourful online platform for artists

What a really fun colourful and very accessible playground for artists


LetGofYourColours has recently joined Society6 and made some designs from Stephanie Gonzalez at work available on their online platform.

It s a really fun thing, you upload an image of your work and you can see how it can be adapted to different products such as Tote Bag, Colourful leggings.

Artists can upload their designs safely and stay in control of their art works as it doesn’t affect their rights infringement and they get a small commission for every sell made.

Thousand of designs are available, I find it a bit confusing on how to make a selection for a particular product, on the other hand it makes it quite a unique gift as every product is only made on demand.

You can also simply acquire an art prints in which case the artist can decide on the pricing of the product based on the starting price of the platform.

What I am really loving about it is that it gives you the possibility to colour your world and choose the colours you want to wear .

Check out LetGofYourColour shop and tell us what you think by leaving a comment.

BE Colourful x



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