Abstract painting classes in Dingle news

What we have been up to at the workshop!


Recently  LetGofYourColours An Abstract oil painting workshop for All Inspired souls Painting classes started in Dingle!

We are having a really great time here, the worshop continue on for another few week before I am traveling to India 🙂

Added to the adult classse at 7.00pm at the Díseart, a classe for the younger has been added from 5.45 to 6.45pm, that’s every monday in October 2016.

As much as I am delighted everyone is enjoying themselves, I am also amazed by how much commitement and constance the participants are showing and the result talks for itself, the Art work that is emerging from the workshop is striking! Most of us who are attending the workshop since the beginning is working on a second painting by now. Some are starting this evening, drop in at 7.00pm on mondays if you wish to join us.

I feel it to be a great success as we are all having so much fun together while each person is let totally free to express themselves artistically in their own individual style.

An exhibition is being talked about for those who wish to show there art pieces while I will be showing my own work.

I am so much looking forward to be showing you the amazing Art work that is being produced here!




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